The Next Generation of After Sales-Services

Imagine an after-sales service platform that is proactive & actionable

Makula enables machine manufacturers and distributors with a robust after-sales service platform to ensure continuous operations for customers

Increase SLA Contributions through a digital infrastructure for monetizing after-sales support

Retain Expert Knowledge by creating and storing relevant information about maintenance processes

Improve OEE Performance for your customers by reducing downtime

Enhance Customer Experience by offering cost-and-time efficient after-sales support services.

What problem do we solve?

Digitalization is more than a buzzword in today’s Machine Economy; it’s a survival tool for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and distributors.

Larger OEMs invest between EUR 0.5 - 2M to build a robust after-sales service platform for their customers.

Small and medium-sized OEMs often don't have the expertise and CAPEX to develop such services

in-house but need to in order to remain relevant

in the market.

Instant access to relevant information

Customers are able to consult previously documented issues and user manuals to reduce planned and unplanned downtime.

Customer Facility View

Live chat

Rapidly communicate and share relevant information including videos and documents between OEM engineers and customers.

Customer Facility View

Create & assign tickets

Enable customers to easily create tickets in case of machine breakdowns. OEM technical leads can assign tickets to relevant team members and follow the maintenance process from start to finish.

Original Equipment Manufacturer View

Report and analyze after-sales services

Access the Makula dashboard to view and analyze relevant after-sales metrics and improve after-sales revenue generation.

Original Equipment Manufacturer View

About us

Meet the Founders

Emkay Khan


Dr.-Ing. Simon Spelzhausen


Simon Spelzhausen is an engineering expert in digitizing the manufacturing sector with in-depth knowledge in IoT and cloud computing.

Next Big Thing AG


Emkay has 10 years of experience in process automation and problem-solving through the introduction of digital solutions across B2B sectors.

NBT is a venture studio for the Machine Economy that co-founds

deep-tech ventures with aspiring founders to deliver tangible impact.

About us


Stefan Hermann

Director Product Management

Sofía Calvo

Sales & Marketing

Kathrin Sühlsen

Venture Developer

Enrico Cerroni

Technical Lead

Anaet Hossain Rezve

Full Stack Developer

Ali Al-Khakani

Sales & Marketing

Bianca Greiml

Program Manager

Ramtin Ramin

Philip von Ledebur

Investment Manager

Operations Manager

About us

Advisory Board

Karsten Serra

Sandra Panknin

Simone Rizzato




Backed by

Next Big Thing AG

Founded in 2016, Berlin-based Next Big Thing AG (NBT) is a venture studio for the Machine Economy that co-founds with aspiring founders and entrepreneurs to build deep-tech ventures that create tangible impact.

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